Top 10 SEO Gurus to Follow on Twitter

Everyone has a guru, no matter what state in your career you are in. Perhaps you’re a new startup owner that needs some internet marketing help, perhaps you’re a blossoming SEO analyst, or maybe you’re an SEO expert that’s been around the block…

  1. Barry Schwartz@rustybric
  2. Bill Slawksi@bill_slawski
  3. Julie Joyce – @JulieJoyce
  4. Mike Blumenthal – @mblumenthal
  5. Neil Patel – @neilpatel
  6. Tim Soulo – @timsoulo
  7. Brian Dean – @Backlinko
  8. Aleyda Solis – @aleyda
  9. Dr. Pete Myers – @dr_pete
  10. Jim Boykin – @jimboykin

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